Easy Cookie Bar Recipes

Cookie bar recipes are easy to make and the fastest way to fill the cookie jar. Simply stir up a batter, bake in one pan, then cool and cut into bars.

Most bars are as much cake as cookie, though some are super rich and are half cookie and half candy. The earliest dessert bar recipes date back to cookbooks from the 1930's.

The advantages of bar cookies, in addition to how fast they can be made, are that they store well and are loved by nearly everyone.

Tips for making bar cookie recipes:

Always use the pan sizes given in cookie bar recipies, as a different size pan can give bars a different texture.

When placing batter in the baking pan, be sure to spread it to the corners of the pan.

Let bars cool upright in the pan on a wire rack before cutting them.

To make clean up easy, line the pan with aluminum foil and let it extend over the ends of the pan. The extra foil will act as handles and will make removing the bars from the pan easier.

Use a very sharp knife or pizza cutter for cutting the bars. If the cookie mixture is hard or sticky, dip the knife or pizza cutter in hot water between cuts. If your hand is unsteady, use a metal edged ruler to guide you when cutting bars.

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